Common Dental Myths

pediatric dentistryMyth 1 – Sugar Causes Tooth Decay

Sugar doesn’t actually cause tooth decay, instead, it plays a significant part in the procedure, although this one is somewhat true. Cavities are now caused by awful oral bacteria that were acid. While poor bacteria are provided by sugar together with the energy it requires to cause tooth decay.

Myth 2 – Placing Aspirin on a Toothache will Relieve the Pain
This can be an interesting one which is clearly an old wives tale. But, we ought to dispel this outright: pain relievers don’t work like that. Rather, it works by blocking the creation of certain compounds within the body that cause pain and entering the blood stream. Aspirin and other pain relievers can only operate once they’ve entered the blood stream, that’s why work wo be n’ted by setting an Aspirin alongside a tooth that was tender.

Myth 3 – Baby Teeth aren’t as Important as Adult Teeth
Some people view baby teeth as less important than adult teeth since they are impermanent, although it is an odd one. While they won’t be in your mouth through maturity, baby teeth play an important part in the development of a young grin. Baby teeth function as place holders for incoming adult teeth. This can lead to a misaligned bite, all of which can be quite expensive to repair, a crooked smile, plus crowded teeth, which is why it’s very essential that you take good care of your children’s baby teeth.

Myth 4 – You can’t get a Cavity
Here’s one that has been circulating recently, but let’s place to rest: you definitely can get a cavity beneath a crown. Dental crowns (or caps) are placed on teeth that have suffered damage above the gumline. Due to this, most of the tooth that is visible is covered. This leads people to trust that, because the tooth is mostly covered, that it’s immune to cavities. This can be patently false.